Putin Thermos Mug


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Russian President Vladimir Putin White Thermos Mug. “Putin’s mug” (Putin’s glass, Putin’s thermos, whatever) with the Russian emblem.
What is special about Putin’s mug?
No one can answer. However, the vacuum glass noticed by journalists 5 years ago became the eternal companion of the President of the Russian Federation at all major events.
During the G20 Summit (G20), a white mug accompanied Putin even during a friendly dinner, replacing the dishes proposed by the meeting party.
When asked about the reason for the appearance of personal dishes at the table set by the meeting party (and at other events), the President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov answered briefly: “He constantly drinks tea from this thermos.”
However, back in 2014 after the appearance of the president, accompanied by the company mug, he answered something like this:
    “Now Putin drinks tea from such special thermos cups, not only at press conferences, but also in his office and on business trips.”
Where did the magical thermo mug come from?
The official manufacturer of the “mug” of the Russian leader is unknown. The same applies to any details about the materials, manufacturing techniques and even the actual color, which in different photographs varies from cream-white to blue-white. All that journalists managed to find: the item was made by special order and is very loved by the president. Apparently, the design is unique.
Until recently, it was not possible to find an analogue among the common thermo mugs, thermoses and other dishes on AliExpress or on any other popular online sites.
It is also known that the mug holds about 2-3 standard cups and maintains temperature for at least 2-3 hours.
Of course, Chinese manufacturers could not stay away. After the G20 summit, on Monday July 1, the first copies appeared on the domestic Chinese online market TaoBao.
Here, sellers advise a mug on a hit accessory, a great gift … and assure of the healing properties of the drinks that will be drunk from it.
Safe materials, Keeps heat up to 3.5 hours. Ideal for tea, coffee, infusion of herbs, etc.
Volume 0.5 liter.
Height 155 mm, Width up 90 mm, Width Bottom 70 mm.
Recommended by Russian President Vladimir Putin
Material: ceramic coated steel.