Russian Tactical Vests

This section features samples of tactical vests. Here you will find tactical systems, tactical vests and common vests in various camouflage colors.

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Tactical systems and vests originate from Italy, where there were several vest options developed in 1941 for paratroopers that contained sewed-in bags for magazine cases of guns and had four or seven compartments. Already several years later, the first samples of tactical systems appeared in Great Britain, for Commandos battalion and in the USA for the Operation Overlord. A further development of tactical vests was rampant, as during the war in Vietnam a vest of “58 type” was very widespread, whereas in the Soviet Union during the war in Afghanistan a vest titled “Belt A” was popular, called “a bra” in common terms. But the biggest development of tactical systems happened at the end of the 20th and in the beginning of the 21st centuries, in the period of multiple local conflicts, such as: the wars in Iraq and Yugoslavia as well as during the 1-st and 2-nd campaigns in Chechnya. Virtually all used them, as they played an important part in the military equipage, enabling to reload the gun promptly, use grenades and first-aid kits, at the same time properly distributing all munitions throughout the body, thus ensuring a possibility to cover long distances.

Tactical vests are intended for comfortable carrying of a lot of small munitions by military men, tourists, etc. as well as for reducing the load on the spine. Tactical systems can be split into the following categories: tactical vests, load bearing vests and common vests. They mainly differ in their usage scope. Load bearing systems are meant for carrying a lot of weapons on the body and for their further prompt usage. Tactical vests have a more focused specialization, they are provided with pockets for weapons and other military munitions with a possibility of their prompt usage. Common vests are for more civil options, they are mainly intended for carrying a small amount of equipment with a possibility of its prompt application.

Tactical vests are produced by different countries worldwide, they are made in conformity with regulations and standards of one or another company. Quality selected materials, quality sewing and properly picked schemes of the load distribution along the body enable usage of these products to a full extent both during vigorous and passive activities. All the products are original, and they undergo various strength, durability and convenience tests. In our online store you are offered to buy tactical vests at favorable prices right now.