Gun Holsters

The wearing of short arms is associated with known difficulties. The gun must be securely fixed on clothing or on the body, but without any unnecessary movements, it can be easily and quickly removed in any setting. A quality holster for carrying a handgun should be opened quickly and without difficulty, but in no case spontaneously. When removing a pistol or a revolver, there should be no conditions for the accidental triggering of the trigger, the offset of the safety bar or the raising of the trigger.

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A holster is a small bag (case) for carrying a handgun (usually a gun, a revolver), and also a leather case for a weapon attached to the saddle at the front of the bow. The main requirement for a holster is the ability to quickly extract its contents.

In the Russian Armed Forces, the holster is part of military equipment, usually an officer. Holsters made of black leather (including imitation of leather) were used. Holsters are fastened with the help of loops on the equipment (a belt with a sword-belt); the holster for the Navy is fastened on a belt with straps with rings. On the holster may be a pocket for a pistol magazine, as well as hinges for the compass. In the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union, the holsters were made of brown leather for PM pistols, previously for TT pistols and Nagant's revolver.