Russian Military Equipment

This section covers samples of equipment used by the Russian army. Here you will find everything pertaining to the military munitions, starting from gloves and ending with multifunctional survival knives.

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Munitions are a set of objects that military men are furnished with and that are intended for wearing the arms and other equipage. For historical reasons munitions became an integral military attribute of any army. During multiple military conflicts, munitions only grew in importance, because a nature of fulfilled tasks was varied, and a certain type of tasks required specialized munitions. Appearance of new samples of arms and military equipment required the assortment of munitions to be expanded as well. Different objects intended, in the first place, for protection and survival of soldiers under different conditions started to appear in munitions of soldiers. For instance, gas masks, multi tools, tactical lights and other munition elements, having consolidated their positions among soldiers as well as among civil population, started to emerge among equipage elements.

Military munitions include a lot of elements that are distinguished by their application area. Depending upon the task to be performed, they can fulfill either protective or support functions. Gas masks, casques, helmets, gloves and eyeglasses should be qualified as protective elements. The abovementioned munition elements are aimed at protecting you from different external factors and are in demand not only among military men, but among civil population involved in war games as well. Lamps, knives, binoculars and cooking tins belong to support tools that are similarly popular both among military men and among civil population, enabling to stay in conditions of different localities with maximum convenience and practicality. A wide selection of munitions will give you a chance to find what is most essential for a long walking tour, hunting as well as other activities related to active lifestyle.

All military munitions represented in our store are produced in conformity with army regulations and standards. Every element of munitions is notable for its reliability and quality. While selecting equipage, please, pay a proper attention to its quality as well as its matching your targets. The range of our store will not allow lovers of tactical war games, hunters or fishermen stay indifferent. In the online store you are welcome to buy quality military munitions at low prices right now.