Russian Military Boots

Military boots are an essential element of a service uniform. They ensure a comfortable march in different types of locality and different climatic conditions, as well as designate that a military man belongs to the enlisted, officers or commanders. This section covers the most sought-after types of boots that came into use in armed forces of different countries. In our online store offers you are welcome to find out about modern boots as well as Soviet-style items. The assortment of goods is regularly updated with new models.

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Service boots fall into summer, winter and spring-autumn categories. Winter army boots are intended for wearing in field conditions at low temperatures. Felt boots (“valenki” in Russian) and high fur boots or “mukluks” belong to this category. During the Great Patriotic War valenki boots were handed out as a part of a special uniform for the enlisted. Valenki boots made of sheep wool helped through blistering cold winters. Mukluks were not included into a service uniform, but they were used by pilots in unheated airplanes.

Combat boots are all-purpose footwear for everyday and field use. There is a warm lining in winter models, whereas there are mesh inserts in summer models to ensure air exchange in a hot weather. Service combat boots are made of natural and artificial leather. The footwear is equipped with a deep cleat enabling a comfortable cross-country march. Knee-high boots are one more popular type of military and army boots. Tarpaulin boots (or “kirza” boots in Russian) were widespread during the Great Patriotic War – the enlisted military men were provided with them. This type of knee-high boots was made of tarpaulin, i.e. a cotton material with rubber impregnation that was preliminary treated with a waterproofing compound. In their turn, officers wore cow leather or box calf boots.

Classic men’s shoes are included into a service uniform of security forces. This footwear also falls into summer and winter categories. Shoes are made of mat or patent leather of mostly black color. The models being on sale perfectly match formal style clothing.

If you want to buy military or army boots, you will be able to find suitable models in our online store. Goods from this section can be used both for everyday wear and for outdoor activities in any season of the year.