Russian Hats

Headwear of this category is made in one common style, namely: a military style. In this section you will be able to find a wide selection of various models. Military hats are practical headwear used mostly during the cold season. Such items protect the head from wind, cold or snow.

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Warm hats can be made of wool or closely woven fabric. Wool knitted hats fit close to the head, while covering the ears. Cold-protective models can have an additional lining sewed in. The hat material does not retain dirt; it washes off well and keeps the color vibrant.

Besides classic woolen headwear, there are also textile military hats represented in this category that are used together with field clothing in some countries. Such hats can be used as a separate headwear or as a helmet liner. A design of the model suggests that there should be a peak for protection from wind and precipitations. There are also buttoned earflaps available in hats, similar to earflaps in the ushanka hat. The strong material is resistant to environmental effects; a rip-stop fabric is used in some models making them resistant to tearing and ripping.

A woven military hat of a classic design can be used for everyday wear. A color palette of the headwear includes mostly dark shades: olive, black, grey or camouflage. A warm hat is a perfect match for outdoor activities: fishing, hunting or walking tours. Items of a camouflage color ensure an additional concealment during tactical war games: paintball or airsoft. In this category you can buy military hats that will protect you from discomfort during a cold season of the year.