Bandana / Kerchief

Military bandanas are a headwear in the form of small kerchiefs made of fabric. Being multifunctional, the headwear can be applied in various situations. In this category you will find a broad selection of military-style products.

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Those were Spanish shepherds and American cowboys who originally started to use bandanas. A folded piece of cloth was worn around the neck, and during the cattle drive it was put as a facemask to protect from dust. Horse-riding nomads of the Central Asia tied bandanas round their head instead of wearing hats. As the time went by, the area of the bandana application expanded, the headwear turned into a stylish accessory highlighting a personality of its owner. However, army bandanas continue to be used for practical purposes.

As a rule, this headwear is made of natural cotton fabric, as cotton does not cause allergy or scalp irritations. The material is highly breathable, thus ensuring sufficient ventilation. A military type bandana is usually made of camouflage fabric.

This headwear can be tied round your head, neck or a lower part of your face. A military or battle bandana can be used in the field not only for the intended purpose: water is filtered, wounds are dressed up and splints are applied with its help. The headwear protects from cold, heat and strong wind. A bandana wrapped around one’s forehead also protects from the sweat dropping down the face.

The headwear is popular with outdoor enthusiasts: sportsmen, tourists and participants of tactical war games. In our online store you can buy a bandana at an affordable price. The quality textile headwear will serve you long and endure multiple washes.