In this category there are vests of various styles and colors. A popular piece of clothing can be used for everyday wear or presented as a themed gift for a professional military holiday. Our online store offers a wide range of vests at reasonable prices.

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The vest is a worn garment, painted with alternating horizontal stripes of two colors: white and dark (blue, black, etc.). Underwear is an element of military uniforms in some types of troops. In the modern armed forces of Russia, the uniform vest is worn in the Navy and the Airborne Forces.

The appearance of vests associated with the development of the sailing fleet. Sailors wore specially painted clothing to be noticeable on the background of the sails and in the event of a fall overboard. At the beginning of the 18th century, naval uniforms were introduced in European countries that did not include the wearing of a vest. In the middle of the 19th century, this item of clothing begins to be used again by Dutch sailors and then appears in other countries. The number of bands on the undershirt in some countries was associated with a certain symbolism: 21 stripes on French vests meant the number of important victories for Napoleon Bonaparte, and in the UK and the Netherlands 12 bands symbolized the number of ribs.

After the mid-19th century, Russian sailors began to follow the example of the Dutch. Vest replaces tunics, and in 1874 receives the status of uniforms. The color of the stripes on the clothes of that time depended on the belonging to the naval formation. The tradition of wearing vests preserved in the Soviet era. This garment also begins to wear paratroopers. The color of the sky is light blue as the statutory color of their vests. Depending on the time of the year, servicemen wore long-sleeved, sleeveless vests or warmed models of thick knitwear. In the Russian Armed Forces in the 90’s, the colors of the bands for various types of troops were determined: the Navy is dark blue, the Black Marine Corps, the border troops are light green, the Airborne Forces are blue, etc.

You can buy a uniform vest as a gift to a man who served in the Navy, Airborne Forces and other military units. A military vest can also be an excellent example of a thematic army collection. In addition, the undershirt can be used for everyday wear or for attacks on nature.