Russian Military Belts and Buckles

This section includes civil and army belts of various models. A belt is an integral attribute of a service uniform. This item does not only perform its direct function, but it can serve as insignia in a military sphere. In our online store you will find a lot of belt models: domestic and foreign, modern and Soviet, military and civil, soldier's and officer’s belts. There are both originals and replica of equipage on sale that were used in the armed forces of the Soviet Union and Russia.

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The appearance of service belts differed depending upon a military rank. In the Soviet time the enlisted had to wear a broad dark belt with a brass buckle having an embossed image of a five-point star. A similar accessory, but of white color was used in the ceremonial full dress. In field conditions soldiers wore military belts with a mat buckle. Officers wore leather belts with a shoulder belt; a textile belt of orange color with a golden buckle was worn together with the ceremonial full dress. In its turn, a general’s belt was made of natural brown leather, whereas its buckle was executed in the form of а rectangle with a cut star.

The equipage being on sale is notable for high quality sewing and durability. There are discharge belts presented within this category that are intended for a convenient carry of various munition and equipment: arms and armaments, first-aid kits, bags, lanterns, etc. This type of items is suitable for usage in field conditions, where a free access to emergency supplies is required. There is a convenient grabber available in the belt that enables its unfastening and taking off in one click.

In addition to army and military service belts, there are also commercial accessories gathered together in this section. State-of-the-art belts are made of durable materials: leather, canvas, polyamide fiber. A stylish design and original images on buckles make these belts an excellent accessory complimenting military-style clothing. A separate category is devoted to buckles and plates. There are modern and Soviet items for service belts represented in it.

If you need to choose or buy military or army belts, you will find a suitable model in our assortment. These items are applied in different areas; they can be used both for everyday wear and for outdoor activities. Owing to their strength and functionality, service belts are an excellent complement to equipage of tourists, hunters, fishermen and participants of tactical war games. Items of the Soviet time will be of interest to collectors and military reenactors. Upon having studied this section, you will be able to select a belt at an affordable price.