Chevrons and patches are insignia placed on service clothing. They can render different information about a military man, such as a military rank, a branch of arms, belonging to a certain military unit, etc. Such insignia can be also encountered on service clothing worn by representatives of different structures belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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The official name of chevron is a chest badge or a sleeve badge. The term “chevron” itself refers to patches having the shape of a V; however, it has a broader meaning in colloquial speech. The item is basically a pad made of a close-textured material decorated with an image. A chevron is sewed on or glued on service clothing in strictly defined places. Places for chevrons in different service uniform types are subject to military regulations. Chevrons intended for wearing with a field uniform are distinguished from everyday chevrons by a dimmed color. This specific feature is dictated by camouflage requirements.

A patch and a military chevron are used as insignia in a number of countries. A principle of their production is the same; only their shape, image and place on a uniform are different. Russian chevrons being on sale in our online store designate belonging to armed forces in general as well as to a certain branch of arms, etc.

Insignia are used not only in armed forces, but in a number of other structures as well. Representatives of structures being subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation use several patches only: insignia in common with the Ministry of Internal Affairs as well as that identifying a certain department.

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